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About Lil ' Miss

LMC is my Lil’ Cupcake Company for all cupcake lovers. For that matter all dessert lovers. 

Cupcakes are in fashion. And why shouldn't they be? They are a single serving, perfect sized, beautiful looking cakes which need not be shared and can put a smile on anyones face.

Being a fitness coach and serving the fitness industry for the past 10 years, it was quite a jump for me to establish a cupcake business. But I believe, you should go where your heart takes you. I tried my hand at baking only because of my love for desserts. I can totally skip the main course only for desserts. So it took off as a hobby, which made me do a few workshops off and on, and then go all out and experiment in my kitchen. There were times when the batches would straight end up in the bin. But that didnt stop me. I initially started baking for family and friends, each time something small and something different. It not only encouraged me but also motivated me to try something new each time. But when I found myself awake till 1pm only to finish an order and rush to work the next day, I knew this was what really made me happy. Juggling between two real and opposite professions became more exciting than taxing.

I take pride in supplying personalized handmade cupcakes and a whole new range of small treats to suit your occassions / themes with a range of flavours which are truly irresistible and cater to various taste buds. All the desserts are made fresh to order using best quality products and not to mention with a lot of love, as a true work of art. And my reward is the big smiles and beautiful words of appreciation I receive as I deliver those tiny creations.

So if u too have a big sweet tooth just like me, go ahead.... put your cravings to rest, get in touch and place your order now!