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The nicest people I have ever met in the cake industry. Loved the smallest details and the hard work that they put in. Keep going team LMC. Keep baking.

Vivek Kumar, Mumbai

Everything about LMC is worth a try...! I'm a fan of their products and creativity. My most fav are the biscotti's, red velvet cupcakes and the Cream cheese brownies. Undoubtedly addictive.

Sohan Kumar, Mumbai

Cup cakes & Chocolate Carmel Squares are just amazing. I had first bought cup cakes on my wife's birthday somewhere in April 2012 since then for my every party cup cake or Carmel squares are there on the menu. I have gifted my friends in Bangalore & London & they are also in love with Lil' Miss Cupcake.

Munjal Nagda, Mumbai

LMC led me to believe that there's a cupcake for every reason and there's also a cupcake for every season. The variety that LMC offers literally spoils you for choice. The cupcakes are truly a piece of art, I say! There's an incredible amount of TLC that goes into making each savory on the menu list, and anyone who's had her cupcakes/biscotti/choco pops/choc bars/brownies will certainly agree with me when I say "no one can eat just one!" My dig in HAS to be the blueberry cupcake and the double chocolate cupcake. LMC is getting bigger, better, and it is here to stay. Creativity at its best!

Shuchi Mehta, Mumbai

Consistent taste. Pleasing packaging. Delicious flavours.
My all time favourites are the Red Velvet Cupcakes and Caramel Squares.
Sonal keeps adding new flavours and more to the menu, so there's more , and some more, to choose from!
Cheers to Lil' Miss, and Sonal!

Mayuri Nidigallu, Bangalore

Chef Sonal is extremely talented. She is able to cater to any occasion and deliver cupcakes in the most innovative ways, that are a visual treat, aside from being super yummy. Her brownies with cream cheese are to die for. Also highly recommend the stunning red velvet jars. Hope her venture is a big runaway success.

Chaya Budharaja Pai

I have had tasted the cupcakes , brownies , caramel squares and the chocolate pops! I cannot select which one out of the lot is better. They have a lovely range to select from , lots of options and creative baking ideas! Everything is so well baked just perfect , super yummy and affordable. Superlike :)

Rhea Sharma, Mumbai

Last two raksha bandhan's have not been complete with out cupcakes, brownies and biscotti's from lil miss cupcake. Good combination of flavours with personalised toppings.

Shraddha Shah, Pune

For the best cupcakes, brownies, biscottis and everything baked ! Delicious, affordable, easy.

Ishaan Mehta, Mumbai

The cupcakes here have always been amazing and have lots of options to choose from. They have cupcakes for all occassions and themes and have never been disappointing. LMC is one of the best cupcake makers in town, and offer a wide range of goodies which can be enjoyed by both children and elders.

Vishal Parekh, Mumbai

Quite innovative & great packaging. Biscotti and Red velvet are my favourites. Certainly worth a try as its quite different from what's available in the market in the given price.

Amit Mehta, Mumbai

It has the most delicious cupcakes and a wide variety to choose from. One should also try the biscotti which was a hit on my birthday .

Neha Kapadia, Mumbai

It was my big 3-oh!, and although I consoled myself that it's just a mere number, I couldn't escape the fact that I'd tipped over the fence. All I needed to cheer me up was a modest list of a few of my favourite things: A swanky white Smartphone, a blush pink laptop, a pair of pretty ballerinas (of course Jimmy Choo would do, silly!), aroma therapy products to uplift my senses all-day long, my morning Earl Grey chai, a chilled bottle of my favourite wine to douse the 3-oh! looming around my head, and of course make up from MAC to help me hide those puffy eye bags from too much of dousing ;-). Hard to please, did you just say that? Not one bit! Sonal put in all her TLC to make this a reality for me and how! Chocolate cupcakes made to perfection with a lot of TLC, detailing to the point of awe, and fantastically hand-crafted fondant work! While they were too sinfully delicious when I "eventually" ate them, that "eventually" happened after 2 whole days! It's criminal to eat that gorgeous piece of art, I say!

Shuchi Trivedi Mehta, Vile Parle, Mumbai

I'm addicted to all things chocolate and now I'm addicted to all things Lil' Miss Cupcake ;)

Kuber Sharma, Santacruz, Mumbai

I didn't want to get a normal cake for my mother's birthday this year. Had been doing so for all the birthdays at our house. Had tried almost every cake shop in the vicinity but This birthday wanted to do something different. The day had almost arrived and I was running short on ideas.

After checking with a few people, I was advised to go ahead with Lill Miss Cupcakes. The name itself rendered so much fun and finesse, that I instantly decided to go ahead with it.

Post multiple pestering calls of mine that am sure took a lot of patient listening, we finally concluded on what I wanted for my mother for her birthday. Until the last day, I had all but forgotten to ask for a few to be eggless.

In a short span of time, Sonal made beautiful cupcakes for my mother's birthday. Not to forget, she had also made a few eggless ones so that no one could miss out on the savories.

The cupcakes were moist and flavorful. The icing would simply melt in the mouth! I was happy that they were not too sweet as well. Just perfect for the tongue. Every single person from kids to the grownups who ate one said they were the best cupcakes they have ever had. Even the non-desert eaters were eating two each!!!

I absolutely love your cupcakes. They are truly the best I've ever had. Am so happy that i decided to go ahead with Lill miss cupcake rather than any cake shop in the vicinity as it added lot of personalization over and above the amazing taste. I can't wait to place my next order!!!

Aditya Desai, Andher, Mumbai.

Everytime I see the pictures of your cupcakes it makes my mouth water and crave for them. We have had a chance to feast on the marble cupcakes made by LMC and we have to admit it was no first timer preparation, they looked and tasted absolutely incredible. We would definetely be recommending you time and again. Keep up the wonderful work and blessings for the future.

Dipika Shetty, Andheri, Mumbai

Well I wanted customized cupcakes based on dentist ideas and I sooooo wanted d best cupcakes for my bestie on her special day.. But it got hard to find from some shop who could make me eggless ones and which would at the same time be affordable. Then I was recommended Lil' miss cupcake..  Thanks to sonal she made my frnd's day.. with her art .. The perfect dental cupcakes with the best price.. It was like a dream come true for her. It really made my friend already feel like she's become a dentist. Not only did they look great but also had the perfect taste. Now my other friends are also looking foward to order such yummy, customized cupcakes from LMC. Thanks again for ur great effort.. Loved it ;)

Khushboo Doshi, Andheri, Mumbai

Firstly the name , lil miss cupkake, itself is so cute. My kids are the best judges, and they are very choosy about cakes, but they would want to give u a hug, everytime they have ur cupcake..very yummy, very soft, and minute detailing of the icing done to perrfection..!! So cute looking, that u would not want to bite on it!!

Mona Choksi, Andheri, Mumbai

My Husband had got my birthday cupcakes from LMC. The cup cakes were so yummm.. moist and soft!! the frosting was so fresh and perfect! The Beach, iphone, Chanel bag, sandals were awwww... shooo cute.. Thanks! Great Work... keep it up!

Ruchira, Vile Parle, Mumbai

I was gifted the yummy chocolate cupcakes from LMC by my wife. It was really special as each one of them had my favourite items which were very well done. Ipod, BBM, Beer to name a few. The taste was apt, not too sweet just perfect. Would love to have more.

Ankit Vora, Andheri, Mumbai

Ive had the Brownies and the cupcakes from LMC and I must say they are so delicious that it makes every added calorie worth it. Keep up the good work!

Kalpana Mehta, Kandivali, Mumbai

I had bought blueberry cupcakes from LMC and they were simply superb! Just melts in your mouth... You have a bright future Lil Miss!

Milind Patel, Andheri, Mumbai

LMC did cupcakes for my friends 10th wedding anniversary.....50+ customised cupcakes and I ain't kidding, inspite of it being their anniversary, thanks to the cupcakes, I happened to be the star of the evening. Thank you Sonal so much for the delicious Cupcakes.

Kalpesh Shah, Andheri, Mumbai

Ive tried the chocolate chip cup cakes and the chocolate caramel squares.. everything was purrrfect and the squares were just divine! A perfect gift for any occasion.

Reema Parekh, Juhu, Mumbai

The only thing u can say after looking at cupcakes from LMC is R.I.P DIET! They are colourful, innovative and of course magnificently delicious. The best is the chocolate flavour. 2013 started with a blast with LMC.

Pooja Badge, Bandra, Mumbai

LMC made my birthday party special. The chocolate cupcakes were perfected to my taste! They were chocolatey and the sweetness was just about right. A combination I struggle to find. Thanks Sonal,Here's for more birthday parties and special occasions.

Meghana Biwalkar, Andheri, Mumbai

I bought cupcakes from LMC for my son’s birthday and they were excellent in taste, decor as well as packaging. They were presented very well, very child friendly decorated with gems and marshmallows. The icing was very neatly done and looked too good. Whomever I gave them to, appreciated them a lot. Before this I had bought Christmas cupcakes which had lovely Christmas tree, santa and stockings of sugar craft. They are an ideal gift for any occasion. Al the cupcakes made by Sonal are amazing and worth your try.

Karishma Kapoor, Santacruz, Mumbai

As my hubby and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, a dear friend got us these delicious cupcakes from LMC to commemorate the occasion. Beautifully decorated with lettering that spelt out a customised greeting for us, the hand crafted cupcakes were a visual treat. But the proof of the cupcakes, they say, is in the eating. And these cupcakes were a gastronomic delight – light, fluffy and creamy and yummy. Sheer Bliss!

Smita & Dhirendra, Mumbai

Lil; Miss Cupcake has a lot to offer. Right from their delightful cupcakes to their gooey brownies – this place is a heaven of delectable goodies! Do not miss the nutella and ferrero rocher brownies – they are to die fore! Sonal excels in creating desserts that don't only taste good but also look good. Perfect for my bandra parties and events! Don't miss out.!

Raveena Taurani, Bandra, Mumbai

I had bought marble cupcakes from LMC for my mom's birthday and they were by far the best cupcakes ive had. Thank u Lil' Miss for adding more joy on my mom's special day.

Shivani Shroff, Vile Parle, Mumbai

My little 6 year old brat - Aryan loves surprises. So I ordered for Marble cupcakes and asked Sonal to decorate the cakes with Aryan's favourite things. She did them just as I had asked for or should I say even better! The cup cakes looked sumptuous... I wanted to eat them up. Aryan totally loved this surprise! And, enjoyed the super delicious each day. I too tasted them and they were just too good! I would give three cheers to LMC for bringing in such a lovely smile to my son's face.

Hetal Doshi, Andheri, Mumbai

Have tried cupcakes from various outlets but found the ones by LMC to be a class apart both in terms of taste and presentation. Thank u Lil Miss for fulfilling my son's request and putting an end to his cravings.

Venu Hirani, Juhu, Mumbai

I had bought vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing to surprise my sister on her b'day, who by the way is a huge huge fan of Lil Miss Cupcakes...and has got us all addicted to them as well! It was a very last minute order, literally a day before her b'day and I felt it would not be possible, but i'm so glad that Sonal could manage to get them done in such a short while...especially because the look on my sisters face was priceless when she saw them adorned around her b'day cake!

Truly some of the awesomest cupcakes i have ever had, so rich and gooey and the chocolate icing is to die for!...and trust me on this, I know my cupcakes...ask my extra pounds! ;) Thanks Sonal, for the wonderful treats...i'll be sure to have them made for every occasion we can indulge in! xx

Arati Naik, Juhu, Mumbai

I have been wanting to try out the cup cakes from Lil miss cupcake ever since I saw the pics on FB..... What better way than to order for our anniversary as a surprise for my customised fondant work on the cupcakes. They looked too cute to be eaten...but ultimately you have to take a bite...and they were too good. Sure gonna try some more flavours with Lil Miss Cupcake

Smita Fernando, Goregaon, Mumbai.

I've had the pleasure of gorging on ur delicious cupcakes!!! Although eggless those chocolate cupcakes were actually melting in our mouth. Everyone relished them to the last morsel , mammas and kids alike!!!!
Simply put.....I can't wait to place my next order with some new innovative ideas!!!!

Lakshana Sharma, Juhu, Mumbai.